Creating a Template

A Template is a predefined format of a saved message. Template allows you to use a single message on multiple instances with changeable dynamic field entries.  Templates eradicate spelling and typo errors by providing a standard format of text that can be reused again.

Example: Bank Transactions- when the user withdraws cash from an ATM, an automated message is triggered with his account balance. In this case, the template is used with transaction specific dynamic fields (In this case, dynamic field can be the username, date and time of transaction and account balance)

Follow the steps below to create your own template:

  1. Click on the Manage Items from the left menu > Manage Sender ID

  2. From the right-hand side column, click on the eye icon. This will now open a new page called Templates

  3. Click on the New button present on the right-hand side to create a new template.

  4. Type the content in the box space provided in the ‘Add template’ pop up window and click on save. Your template is now saved and can be reused again.

Note: Only when you choose the Sender ID you want to associate the template to, your template will be created.

To manage your templates, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Manage Items option on the panel bar and click on Manage Sender ID

  2. To edit an already existing template click on the edit icon in the Actions column in the right-hand side

  3. Fill up the Edit Favorite details pop-up window by typing in the title and the content. Save the selection

  4. To delete a template, click on the delete icon under the actions column

Note: This process will work only if the template or Sender ID is in pending state. Post approval no edit or delete can be done. To get the access , client should drop an email to the support team.