This is related to the Template Scrubbing that went live as of 22nd April 2021.

TRAI has updated the guidelines for SMS Templates. 

The industry has reviewed the criteria for approval of templates, especially Service Explicit Templates, and has decided that the  below-mentioned points will also be considered for template approval going forward:

  1. Promotional content will not be approved under the “service explicit” category of messages.
  2. Review all your Service Explicit contents, and if they are promotional in nature, please re-register them under the promotional category.
  3. Review of all previously approved content templates in the Service Explicit Category is in progress at the operator level. If promotional content is found in service explicit categories, the Operator shall blacklist/block/deactivate that particular content.
  4. It is mandatory to have the brand name in all categories of messages from 22nd April 2021. Any template requests without brand/entity/trade name will be summarily rejected.

Please make the necessary changes based on the above-mentioned guidelines to ensure you face no issues in the delivery of messages to your customers.