This error usually is a result of not using the correct API key with the relevant Kaleyra Account.

This can be easily resolved by checking the following: 

  1. Please check if the API Key that you have used is the one corresponding to that username as well as for the same panel. For Example: Maybe it's the Alerts Panel API Key that you are trying to use in the Promotional Panel API or vice versa.
  2. This may also be caused since the API URL you are using is mixed up as well. You may be using the intended API Key, but the incorrect API base URL. Make sure you are using the correct URL for the panel you are trying to trigger the API from.

This should solve the 404 error - “API Account got suspended” error that you are receiving.

In case you are still facing the issue after trying the above steps, feel free to drop an email to our Helpdesk at, with the below details:

  1. The panel that you are trying to send the message from (Alerts, Promo, Global, Voice or KCloud)
  2. The API that you are using ( without the API Key details)
  3. Screenshot of the error message.