You are only a few steps away from getting your very own VSMS account Set up with Kaleyra.

Firstly, we will need the following details from your end:

  1. Company/ Brand Name: (This is the Company Name with which the Registration will be done In Google. This needs to match the registered Company Name given when registering with Kaleyra)
  2. Spoc Name/Agent Name: (The Person with whom communication regarding registration etc, will be sent to from Google’s end)
  3. Agent Description: (This is a short message of 95 - 100 characters, describing your company. Example: ABC company is a CRM platform for customers to manage and maintain their end-users details)
  4. Email Address: (The Spoc/agent email address to whom communication will be sent to by Google Team)
  5. Kaleyra Application URL and Username: The URL that you see to log in, along with the username for which you want to configure VSMS. This may be one or many.)
  6. SenderID(s) that you intend on sending verified messages from:
  7. Company Website URL:
  8. Company Logo Link: (Not more than 30KB file size and resolution:240X240)

Drop an email with these details to your Kaleyra Account Manager and, and we can help you get started.


There will be direct email communication from Google to the registered Agent/Spoc, so we will need your Spoc’s help to coordinate through the process.