Header is a unique 3-8 characters alpha or 6 characters numeric string (depending of the entity type) assigned to a business or legal Entity for sending commercial communication.

Every principal Entity need to register Header with access providers as per the procedure below:


  1. Login to the Tata DLT platform using Principal Entity login credentials
  2. Go to SMS headers-> Add header in header page
  3. Fill the requisite details such as header category, Header type, sender ID / header and provide details of sender, provide supporting documents & justification for header
  4. The Header requested for should be for the Entity itself & not for any other entity. Also, there should be a relation between the Header & the Entity's name, line of business, brand etc.
  5. Submit the request for approval and make payment through available payment modes
  6. Header registrar will validate and verify details provided by the Principal Entity within 2 working days
  7. On successful registration, the registrar will action (approve/reject), register the Header on the DLT Platform
  8. The registrar function will communicate successful registration or any discrepancy i.e. missing document or incorrect details with the applicant on the registered e-mail and mobile number in the defined TAT.