Registering with the DLT platform is now a compulsory and mandatory step, before sending messages to your customers. To do this via the Jio portal, simply for the below steps:

  • On the page that loads, select "Principle Entity". If this is the first time you are registering with the DLT platform, for the option marked as " Are you already registered as a Principle Entity?" Select "No"

Authorized Contact Person: Person delegated to handle the DLT platform registration and be the primary contact for the company regarding DLT

Organization Name: Name of the Organization that is being registered. Please enter the registered name of the company

Organization Category: From the drop-down, select the category of the organization. If "Government" is selected you will need to fill in the relevant details and provide information showing the association with the Government. If you select "Non-Government", you will get an option to select the Organization type such as Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, etc. Choose the relevant one and proceed

PAN/TAN: Enter the PAN or TAN number of the organization

KYC Document Type: Select the document that you want to update for KYC. You must choose and upload one of the documents mentioned in the drop-down only.

KYC Document Number: Enter the KYC document number

Upload KYC: Upload the document you have mentioned for KYC here. The file should not be more than 5MB and in the provided format only

Upload PAN/TAN: Upload the PAN or TAN document as proof. The file should not be more than 5MB and in the provided formats only.

Letter for DLT Registration from Competent Authority: This is the letter of Authorization, granting the Authorized person to act on behalf of the company for DLT related matters. Read more on Letter of Authorization and samples format here.

Proof of Authority of Competent Signatory Issuing Authorizing Letter: Proof that the person who is signing the Letter of Authorization is in a position to delegate the nominated DLT Authorized contact person. Only documents mentioned can be uploaded as proof.

Email ID: Email ID of the Authorized Person being nominated.

Create Password: Provide a password

Mobile Number: Mobile number of the authorized person. This number will receive OTP for login purposes, so make sure this is correct.

Organization Address: Physical registered address of the company 

When you are ready, click on submit, to submit the form. This will then be reviewed by the registrar. In case there are any concerns, an email will be sent to the registered email ID.

The approval usually takes 48-36 Hours.