Kaleyra DLT AI is a smart switch built by Kaleyra to help you trigger messages seamlessly via our application.

The option Kaleyra DLT AI can be found in the Manage Template of the Alerts and Promo Panel and can be checked to enable it.


  • When DLT AI is enabled, the API Requests as well as the application submissions of SMS from you would be accepted with no changes in the current set up. We will collect these details and store it for you.
  • So, whenever you make a submission from your end via API, the details like TemplateID as EntityID will be added by us at the application level to your API and this will then be forwarded to the operators.
  • This is done by smartly identifying the content of the message that has been submitted and matching it against the templates in our database.
  • The corresponding TemplateID is then tagged to that message along with the EntityID and this is bundled up and sent across to the operators.
  • The DLT scrubbing then happens at the operator end with the validations shared (TemplateID and EntityID along with SenderID) and once the details are verified the message would be delivered to the customer.

For you to enable the “DLT AI” on your account , you will need to:

  1. Add the EntityID to your Kaleyra Account. Find out how - Here.
  2. Add the SenderID with the Entity ID Mapping. Read more about this - Here.
  3. Upload all your templates with TemplateIDs and Enable Kaleyra DLT AI. More details can be found - Here.

Alternatively, you can go ahead and make changes to the APIs to include the details like TemplateID and EntityID so that you can submit it yourself. You can refer to the  API Documentation – Here.

If you are changing the APIs from your end to include the TemplateID and EntityID, then you will need to uncheck the “DLT AI” option.