Businesses are driven by data aided decisions and to support the same, alerts/promo messaging applications offer quantitative and qualitative data of the user performance and behavioural metrics through ‘Reports’. This feature lets you keep an eye on the SMS campaigns sent from your account. A report of all the items sent such as Sender IDs, Dates, Number of SMS sent, and other details are available in the ‘Reports’ panel. Through this feature, you’ll be able to request for the desired report from the panel.

To view Reports, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Sent Items on the main menu & click on Reports that is present in its drop down list. Request new report pop up appears.

  1. Enter the title, date range, Sender ID, Status of the messages, Group, Email address for which report is required to be sent.

  1. Click on the tickbox to get only summary report, if you need to get a overall summary of the message campaign. In case you need in detail report of the same, untick the box.

Note: Data for only past 90 days will be available.