Getting Started with the Application

To begin with, the following are the actionable tasks that can be carried out using the messaging platform:

  1. Create large SMS campaigns

  2. Send Personalized Messages

  3. Share and track shortened URLs in the SMS

  4. Send Unicode messages 

  5. Lookup for HLR information

  6. Schedule SMS campaigns

  7. Split large campaigns into multiple bundles

Alerts/Promo Messaging application enables you to manage end to end SMS services, right from sending a message campaign to monitoring campaign performance. To optimize messaging through third party platforms, we offer ‘Plugins’ that inherit the functionality of SMS into the application of your choice.

Logging into your Kaleyra SMS account

To get started with accessing the alerts/promo application, follow the steps below:

  1. In your browser, type in the URL to login to “Alerts” or to login to “Promo” services

  2. Enter the username and password to login 

  3. Click on the SIGN IN button

You can click on “SIGN UP NOW” link to use our 7-days free trial account. Once you activate the free trial, you can upgrade to fully featured account anytime. Please write to us at for any further queries.

Guide to Resetting a New Password

If you have forgotten the password, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Forgot?” button on the login page to change your password. 

  2. Enter your username for which you want to reset password. 

  3. You will receive a verification link to your registered email id.  

  4. After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to ‘Change Password’ page. Set a new password and you’re set to re-login!

Note: Username can not be mentioned as password and old password can not be re-used again

Checklist to configure your account

After successful login to your Alerts/ promo account, you need to consider the prerequisites given below:

  1. Adding Credits: You can request your account manager to add credits to your account if minimum balance is not maintained to send SMS.

  2. Creating Sender ID (Only for Alerts): Request for Sender ID (the unique identity to send messages to your customers). Once we approve your Sender ID, you can create messaging campaigns. 

  3. Successful KYC Verification: Make sure you must have gone through our KYC Verification to enjoy uninterrupted service experience.