Alerts & Promo Messaging Applications

Alerts/ Transactional Messaging allows you to send messages on any important activity or transaction carried out by the user. These involve zero promotional activities and contain important information on the transactions made by the user. Promotional Messaging involves sending promotional marketing campaigns that the business aims to promote. These messages do not contain any transactional information and the delivery of the messages is constrained by the telecom authorities based on the user preference to receive them.

Note: Customers can register for DND (Do Not Disturb) and choose to NOT receive promotional content. According to guidelines, no telecom service provider can send promotional messages to DND numbers.

The following table enables you to understand the usability differences between the  transactional and promotional messaging.




Sender ID

Sender ID can be created and categorized for various campaigns upon approval

Sender ID creation is not mandatory and if created cannot be categorized. 


Template can be created for a Sender ID

Template format cannot be created

DND Numbers

Can send messages to DND Numbers on application due to the nature of content

Cannot send messages to DND numbers to maintain regulatory compliance

OTP Gateway

OTP Gateway requests can be initiated and used

OTP gateway requests can be sent but SMSes are not delivered, due to the nature of content 

Delivery Time

Round the clock delivery available for transactional services 

Promotional messages can be sent only between 9 AM to 9 PM