Sender ID can be your organisation`s unique identity from which the message would be sent to your customers. 

For eg. when you receive an SMS from your friend, their name is displayed. Similarly, in case of Sender ID, the sender ID that you requested on Alerts/Promo panel, serves as your identity while sending messages. 

Following are the formats for Sender ID:

Country NameSender ID
ArgentinaFixed short numeric
AustraliaFull dynamic
AustriaAlfa dynamic
BelarusFixed alfa
BelgiumFixed short numeric
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAlfa dynamic
BrazilFixed short numeric
Costa RicaRandom long numeric
CroatiaFixed alfa (Pre registration)
Czech RepublicFixed alfa (Pre registration)
EstoniaFull dynamic
FranceFull dynamic
GermanyFull dynamic
GhanaAlfa dynamic
GreeceFull dynamic
IndonesiaRandom long numeric
IranRandom long numeric
IraqFull dynamic
IsraelFull dynamic
ItalyAlfa dynamic
KyrgyzstanAlfa dynamic
LatviaFull dynamic
LebanonAlfa dynamic
LithuaniaFull dynamic
MalawiAlfa dynamic
MalaysiaRandom long numeric
NetherlandsFull dynamic
NigeriaAlfa dynamic (Long number senders converted to “Message”)
NorwayFull dynamic
People’s Republic of ChinaRandom numeric
PeruRandom long numeric
PortugalFull dynamic
RomaniaFull dynamic
RussiaAlfa dynamic
Saudi ArabiaAlfa dynamic (Long number senders converted to “Message”)
SingaporeFull dynamic
SlovakiaFull dynamic
South AfricaRandom long numeric
SpainFull dynamic
SwedenFull dynamic
SwitzerlandFull dynamic
TurkeyFull dynamic
UgandaFull dynamic
UkraineRandom long numeric
United KingdomFull dynamic
United StatesRandom long numeric

**Data may vary as per daily telecom updates in the formats.